Leftist’s sentiments

This afternoon, during one of my classes, statistics to be exact, our teacher came across with the topic about the leftists in the society. I was not expecting that topic to touch the subject because you can never see how leftists, or activists relate with the subject statistics, particularly the “T-Test”

So here’s how it went.

We were in the topic about T-Test that time when he made mention about the leftists in the government. He said, though this was not really the terms used but the thought says that, leftists are prevalent in the country, we see it in the televisions however, the things they say are redundant from one administration to another, and leftists usually criticize but does not give a solid suggestion that would answer their criticism.

I am a member of the League of the Filipino Students, an organization that is active in voicing out the sentiments against the wrongdoings of the government. We are sometimes regarded as activist or leftist but I believe that what we’re doing is for the good of the nation and its citizens. As a leftist, an activist who had chosen to indefinitely lay low, I wanted to react to his statements. While I was listening closely to his ranting, I too in my chair have been doodling the points I wished to tell him but could not since it would be no sense at all. So here are my unvoiced points:

1. Yes, it’s true that we usually say the same sentiments while the government (by that, I mean to say the leader of the government) has been changing. This is for the reason that the problems and the wrongdoings that we usually complain of, we usually want to change are unattended by the government which is why it will still prevail no matter whose administration it will be. Say for example, the problem on education, because the government has not been responsive to it, the problem does not go away. So you can not expect us to have a changed sentiment regarding education because the problem has been unattended. If you really want us to have new sentiments, which is in fact near to impossible, then solve the problems that we see, solve the wrongdoings, by that the sentiments will not become clichés.

2. I differ to the statement that we do not give concrete suggestions about the sentiments and complain that we voice out. If people will just listen closely to our demonstrations and rallies then you can say that do not only bark, but we also bite. Yes, we complain about the wrongdoings, we voice out that we do not agree on several policies implemented, we usually are steadfast in our thrust to be keen observant but that does not end there, because we give our suggestions, we give some possible solutions to the problem, but most of the time, we’re unheard, we’re neglected, we’re taken for granted. Just because we are leftist does not mean we are totally against the country, we are leftist because the government should have a parallel entity that will watch them, will watch their actions, and we become leftists because we love the country in as cheesy as it may seem to be. So if the government will just hear us, will listen to us, then people will know that we also have brilliant ideas as to the problems faced by the government.

As a closing, I hope the people will no longer misconstrue us to be persons with no use at all and persons who are just noise of the society, because leftists and activists, whatever you may want to call them, are the objective jurors as to the efficiency, and the perfomance of the government.


Indeed, fighting imperialism since 1977.



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