Everything’s getting demanding

I'll be dead tired soon enough

Funny it is to realize that in a few months from now, semester will have its sweet ending, or is it sweet at all? Whether sweet or not, indeed, it’s going to have its ending soon enough. March to be particular.

I think I’m not ready yet for the ending, because ending means evaluation of how you did in the previous sem. And this sem is no piece of cake. In fact, I’m having troubles with some of my subjects because I feel that I’m going to fail them, however, I’m still optimistic that I won’t be failing them. 🙂

Given the near end of the sem, the following months, February and March, is definitely going to be a demanding one. There are alot of things, requirements and commitments to do. Haaay. This is reality. You’ll have to go through several hardships before reaping the rewards of what you’ve sown.

Topping the list would be the case study in Health Economics in which our group is steadfast to produce the best case study for us to get exempted in the Final Examinations. Then there’s the Spanish Video project which may be easy but what makes it hard is that you have to record everything in Spanish. So we’ll have to go through hell as well before producing the video. Then the never ending exams. Though I still don’t have the slightest idea as to when, what I know for sure is that there’s going to be lots of them.

College it is. What I’m looking forward is the community duty in our health care subject. It may sound so tiring for one has to go to the community for a month, visit families, do health teaching but the good part is that you’ll get to interact with them, you’ll get to know the situation there at their own perspective and not just learning in theories and more importantly, I believe it would be that rewarding noting that you’re going to care for some families, just like what real health care workers do.

So, with all these activities in line in the following month, I hope I shall be alive by the end of the sem. Will I be alive by then? 🙂


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