SISIG for less

While walking from the church this morning, I decided to take my lunch somewhere near USC Main. Some of the stores were close, so I decided that the first store I can see that time that is open will be where I shall take my lunch. So fortunately there was this Arcangel Sisigan store that’s open that time.

To my surprise, their Sisig is student friendly. Student friendly in a way that it does not make your wallet go nuts. Hahaha. But that time, I had thought that it’s too early to have sisig, so I had something else.

This evening, after our 3-hour DOTA session with my friends, I and Katrena decided to take our dinner after. And good thing I remembered about the sisig which happens to be the favorite of Kat. So I told her about it.

We ate there and indeed, the SISIG for LESS was satisfying. You can never find elsewhere a sisig at the rate of P30 with rice already. So, it’s a two-thumbs up sisig.

Sisig ranges from P30-P50. Depending on which Sisig will you order whether the Pork, the Tuna or those Budget Meals. We had the budget meal for P38 that already has a sisig with egg and rice.  They also have different viands sold and of course that very delicious leche flan.

So, whenever you pass along Junquera street, and you want to eat Sisig, go to anyplace but Arcangel’s Sisigan (not really sure though of the name but it’s the only sisigan in the street) that serves pure Pampangueño Sisig. J



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