Midterms came and went..FINALLY

Since my blog hasn’t been updated for quite awhile now, I have decided to have atleast short posts just for you, my followers, to keep posted on what’s happening with my life and here’s one.

Today, I just had my final exam for the midterms in the subject laboratory managament. Indeed, what a relief it is to feel that it was already the last subject to be taken because for two straight weeks, I have been taking exams. (Well, I think that’s what you call “being a student”) Last week, I had the whole week for a series of long exams and this week was for the midterms.

It really is not easy to be in college. When back then in elementary, all I have to think of was what game shall a play after class- tigso, patintero, or hide and seek. When back then in high school all I was thinking was how to enjoy every day in school. College is way different. If you’re one of the serious type of students, you don’t get to enjoy everytime, you don’t get to play everytime because you’ll always be compelled to study for your future’s sake.

Going back to the midterms week, there’s one lesson that I had forgotten to instill in my mind. What’s worse is that I have always told myself to inculcate this to myself. This lesson applies especially when you’re taking an exam. That is, DO NOT OVERTHINK AND OVER-ANALYZE QUESTIONS.

Remember the previous post that I had (https://jamesannjo.wordpress.com/2010/10/12/first-instinct-is-always-right-yeah-right/) in trusting your very own instincts? I’ve been practicing it already. I’ve been practicing not to be doubtful with my answers and the first answers first.  But now, with over-analyzing and over thinking, I just can’t help myself.

I was told once by my instructor not to over-analyze questions because it might just lead me to confusion, worse is, leading to wrong answers. But seems like I am not learning at all.

So yes, I promised to myself that in the future exams I’ll be having, I shall not be over-analyzing and over thinking, hopefully.


What say you?

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