At the outset, Sinulog 2011 celebration was a BLAST. It has been once again swarmed with people coming from different places around the world and everyone celebrated be it in the streets, in their respective abodes or in public places such as malls, plazas, et al.

I too have never let anything make me miss celebrating Sinulog for it is one of the celebrations I wait for annually. With the street parties all over the city, and food trips, no one would really want to miss such once-in-a-year celebration.

Well, I did go out early that day. Around 12 am, I, and my two friends Andrew and Katrena had our Pre-Sinulog hangout somewhere near IT Park. We had small drinks and some talks and what I really enjoyed that time was listening to the live band that sang songs of Eraserheads. It made me sing out loud, notwithstanding that there were too many people around.

We got home at around 3 am and slept immediately. I didn’t realize by then that it was already the day for Sinulog Celebration. What awaken me was the sound of the helicopter, perhaps of ABS-CBN, which continually monitored the street party happening in Jones Street.

I got off the house at around 5 pm. Met my friends Stella, Jerson, Andrew, Katrena, and Guillian and started the night eating at some sidewalk barbecue along Ramos Street. It was really hard to walk in Jones Street for there were a lot of people, like what I said, the streets were swarmed with people.

After having dinner, we went immediately to IT Park. And it’s where the REAL party started. Ha ha ha. We had some drinks plus the good mixes done by the DJ that made our bodies move with the music. It was totally FUN.

After partying/chillaxin at IT Park, we went home already. That’s how our SINULOG 2011 went.

Though SINULOG 2011 came and went, memories that it gave us will always be remembered. SINULOG, SIYAGIT UG KUSOG. TANAN MAGSAULOG!


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