Vacuum cleaners on the rise..

When I was still in high school, I have always thought that elementary and high school students are dependent. Dependent in a way that they usually depend on their teachers to pass, they depend on their classmates to belong to a group, they depend on their parents for further elucidation on lessons that may still be vague to them. Indeed, it’s true and undeniable. Elementary and high school students do not really see education as a determinant to their future because we typically see them playing, trying to discover each one’s talents or perhaps still trying to understand how it is to be a student. Whereas in college, you would really see that students are way different from those that are in Elem and High School because for one, college students think that their degree is a determinant to their success in the future, which I don’t disagree. For two, college students are way more serious in relation to the previous. And for three, college students are less or not dependent at all because they’re already equipped with the necessary theories, skills and perhaps they have undergone some applications of it, that’s why they become less dependent.

From that, I’ve thought likewise that when you reach college, it’s a hallmark from the transition of being so dependent to less or not dependent. Further, I have thought that once you set foot in college, whether you make it or you break it there, it’s a determinant that you can stand on you own already.

However, when I started to attend college, reality has slowly been eating my thought about students being less dependent. It has even slapped me in the face when I saw that there are still students, not generalizing though, dependent, especially with some teachers, and this is what I want to stress out in this particular entry.

Velez College is one of the top caliber institutions not only in Visayas but also throughout the Philippines and I don’t differ with it. People even say that once you get into Velez, you really are a good student maybe in your particular forte. So I expected that, given the remarks of the people about Velez Students and the thought that has already been instilled in my mind, I would really see competitive and independent students.

Yes, I’ve seen a lot of them. But to my dismay, there are students who are so dependent that they seem to appear like a vacuum cleaner.

For the enlightenment of everyone, vacuum cleaner is noun and is a jargon that usually describes people who are manipulative and attention seeking, and trying to get the favor of anyone usually by befriending another person or offering gifts, and favors to get one in return who appears like a vacuum trying to get everything where it is positioned. In short, they’re the sip sip people.

Ever since, I have always loathed people who are vacuum cleaners. I remember there were a lot of them in elementary and high school. I cared less though because I know I can’t do any actions to make them stop. I though that when in college, behaviors like that are over. I was wrong.

For instance, I knew 2 students, who I frequently acquaint with, that are certified vacuum cleaners. They appear so irritating because they try to befriend teachers and maybe at some point they have already crossed the line. Teachers maybe are unaware, but of course my sympathy is with them because they usually get the blame and the criticisms. But then again, I also pity those students for because their actions are becoming to obvious, people are already starting to talk against them. So if you two are reading this now, please, start thinking otherwise and stop becoming a vacuum cleaner, in as much as you have thought that it would be of help to you, it is not, it’s making your name dirty.

Then there’s this other one whom I have known from last sem. I never expected her to be a vacuum cleaner also. I only learned it just recently that during times whenever long breaks come, she usually brings something to her teachers, be it delicacy, souvenir items, and whatnot. I just hope that the teacher is not blind not to see this happening. I know teachers in Velez are impartial. They are known for excellent teaching so I am less feared of them being influenced and manipulated by vacuum cleaners.

And here’s the last one, I overheard a conversation of two guys during enrollment period. Guy 1 failed one of his subjects and told Guy 2 that he is certain enough to have his grade changed by the instructor because he said that they are friends. However, I just learned that he still didn’t pass and his grade wasn’t changed.

See? People who are vacuum cleaners do not victor in the end. You guys are just wasting your time. So I ask, whether you’re a student in Velez or anywhere in the world, stop acting like a vacuum cleaner. It won’t help you at all. It will just defeat the purpose of “quality education”, because by having this kind of people around, and for example, by having teachers or instructors giving into such manipulative persons, it’s just like the same picture with a “paid education” or education that has been bought. So if you’re one of them, hopefully it gets into your nerves that all your efforts are useless, and that I wish that you will be encouraged to play the game in a fair and square manner and further be encouraged to change for the better.

The society expects college students as people who are competitive, well equipped and somewhat independent, if you are a college student and you don’t see yourself in any of such, then go back to elementary, you might have missed the life lessons given in elementary or high school. And for the record, you cannot enter college if you have not passed elementary or high school. And passing elementary and highschool? Well, that simply goes to show that you are competitive. So stand up, be proud of yourself if you’re not one of those vacuum cleaners, and tell the world that you really are worth calling “college student”.



What say you?

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