And the thing I learned from 2010 was..

Before I start the year right, let me share to you what I've learned from the year 2010.

Last year, I can say, has been one of the toughest years I had in life. Toughest, perhaps because I’ve been through a lot of trials, hardships, tests, name it, that have almost broken me completely.

One thing I learned from those things is the fact that in your life, you’ll always get to experience “falling-out”, maybe between you and your friends, you and your family, or you and the one you loved. And falling out? It’s hurting, it’s sorrowful, it’s sad.

From that falling out, you’ll surely have two routes to end to, whether you’ll be successful and recuperate, or you’ll fail. Most of the times, we try to win every situation, we try to avoid failing, because of the glory and the fact that it feels good to win, it feels good to survive, it feels good not losing the game. And that, we pressure ourselves to win, not realizing that the more we pressure ourselves, the more we want to win every game, the more we invite hurt, sadness despite the happiness it brings to us?

On the other hand, failing is very depressing, it may even add up to the bitter feeling that we have. Ever since child, I know we were never taught by our teachers to fail, to lose, and to give up. But sometimes, there are good things behind every failure. I for one had an “epic fail” event in my life this year. I know you’re aware of what happened between someone and me and I need not elucidate. I have always thought that I was a failure of not being able to revive the thing that was lost. I have always thought that I failed. In as much as I have wanted to win, I didn’t, and on the early months, I felt bitter, I became irrational, I was not myself back then. But on the process, I came to learn that not every time must you win the game. Because if you always win, you don’t get to learn the most important lessons in life.

Yes, I agree that both in losing and in winning will you get to learn lessons in life. However, there’s a great difference between the lessons learned. In winning, you’ll only learn how to improve how you did. But in losing, it’s a total transformation, you do not only learn how to improve how you did, but you’ll get to learn to improve the different aspects in your life, you’ll get to change how you see things, and you’ll get to realize many things.

Lucille Ball, American actress was dismissed from Film school. A record company turned down the Beatles because they didn’t like their music. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. His teacher told Thomas Edison that he was too stupid to learn anything. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper company because they said he lacked brilliant ideas. Abraham Lincoln’s girlfriend died, failed in business, had a nervous breakdown and was defeated in an election.

For those who are always seeking victory, let’s also learn how to get defeated, because, for me, the greatest lessons in life come from the most disappointing events in our life. And failures? Who knows? This is God’s way of showing us how to get things done and in a correct manner, and makes us successful.

“If you have never failed, you have never lived”. 🙂




2 thoughts on “And the thing I learned from 2010 was..

  1. James!
    Happy New Year!
    As far as relationships go…they come and go, especially at our age…but if you think there’s something to fight for, or fix up…go for it… (trust me, I know..haha)

    BTW,another really awesome example for the list of those who failed before they succeeded: Dr. Seuss. =)

    1. Hi te Myks! Thanks for dropping by and giving your 2 cents. 🙂

      I totally agree that relationships come and go. And yes te, it’s good to fight but sometimes, we just have to let it get away te diba? Because like what the cliche says, if you let go of that, and if it comes back, it really is yours, but if it’s not, then it’s not. Hahahaha. It’s hard, especially to decide which way to go. To fight or not to fight. Hahahahah. However, I did fight, but not fought too hard. >:)

      Hahahaha. Another person where we can get motivations from. There are many individuals jud who have not succeeded at first but eventually conquered their respective fields. Mao nang I source sometimes my motivations from them thinking na they have succeeded despite of having failures. 🙂

      Happy New Year again te! :))

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