The second semester so far..

It’s already been month since the classes for the second semester started and I already did a lot of things within that short span of time. In fact, I have a feeling that I would enjoy more this semester compared to how I enjoyed the previous semester I had in Velez but don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy my first semester here.

The blockmates

The blockmates, especially my 2A blockmates, are awesome. They made me feel welcome and they made me feel that I belong to them. Of course, before the start of the classes, I had agitations if I can manage to adapt with this new set of people I’ll be with for the whole semester and turns out, one could easily adapt with the 2A people. They’re very supportive in every small or big endeavor you have. I remember when I was chosen to be part of the debating team; almost all of them wished us luck. That very small thing that they did, wishing us luck, means a lot already to me, because that only goes to show how they support each other and how they are trying to say to you that they are just on your back and are there for you. So blockmates, in an early as now, I want to thank you for this semester that we’re going to have.

New friends

I’ve met new a lot of new friends this semester but what made it good was that I made new “close” friends this semester. This new set of “close” friends that I have, well, we have a common denominator within us. We’re all irregulars. Not that I am belittling them but because of the fact that we’re irregulars, we usually have the same schedules, that gives us time to bond perhaps. We may not have the same attitudes, by that I mean to say that everyone of us in our group has this diverse attitude in comparison to the other one, but the fact that we’re getting along well shows how friendship makes opposite people attract.

New things learned

Academically speaking, there’s always new set of things learned in every meeting, that’s undeniable. But on the other aspects of life, there are some remarkable things I just learned this second semester. One is, I already learned how to play some computer games. I admit, I am not the type of person who is into computer games, but now, I am already starting to get hooked with it. Spending how many bucks just to play for how many hours, even at the most ungodly hours of the day. I don’t think of it as a waste for money, I think of it as recreation, because we need also to have relaxation activities after all the academic crunch that we had for the weekdays.

Those are just few of the many things I have experienced and had this second semester. I hope it continues. I am indeed enjoying this second semester, and thanks to those people who are the reason why I am enjoying this second semester.



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