3 Idiots and things that a student can learn from the movie (especially those who are going to enter in college)

A must see bollywood movie

Several months ago, Reyna, a highschool classmate and a good friend of mine recommended the movie 3 idiots. She said that it is a nice movie and she said that I can learn many things from it. She was right. After finally seeing the movie, I’ve really learned a lot of things to the point that it has changed my perspective when it comes to learning. Some of the many things I learned from the movie are:

1. Make your passion your profession. Many students nowadays are attending colleges not with the degree they wanted to take up but with the degree they should take up primarily because of greener pastures they are going to have when they graduate from that certain degree. This is a bittersweet reality. Yes, you may be successful but you’ll never be fully happy. Yes you may learn to be happy but at your deathbed, you’ll definitely have some regrets. You’ll be haunted by the what-ifs of your life. Do not fit yourself into something you do not like because the happiness you’ll get is just half-baked. Whether the passion that you want in life does not pay you big bucks, does not give you luxurious cars, can not afford to let you travel around the world, for as long as you’re happy with it, for as long as the contentment is there, that’s what matters most.

2. College is not a pressure-cooker. Many students learn because they pressure themselves to learn. I am in no exempt to that. Sometimes, we study and pressure ourselves to eventually learn what we have studied so that we’ll pass exams, we’ll get passing marks, we’ll not humiliate ourselves. But the more we pressure ourselves, the lesser we learn. The things we pressured ourselves to learn will only last perhaps during the course of our study, many days later, many years later, perhaps after college, we’ll forget the things we tried to learn, so we review, and we re-pressure ourselves, and this is not studying at all.

3. Studying is not about ranking, it’s more about who you will become when you finish your studies. Everyone wants to be the best, who doesn’t right? Each one of us wants to excel higher than our colleagues, than our classmates, than our friend. But when we fail, when that person gets higher than us, the feeling’s worst. I’ve always thought that ranking was important, that being number 1 is what is important and becoming number 2 is just like being nothing at all. However, that’s only good in college, in reality, rank does not define who you are, ranks does not label how good you are and rank does not determine your success.

4. Do not chase success, let success chase you. Easier said than done right? I remember back when I was asked what do I want to become when I get old aside from being a doctor, the thing that comes into my mind is to become successful. I supposed many of you also wanted to be successful in the future. But isn’t that ironic that we chase for success instead of success chasing us? We’ve always wanted to be successful but we put less to no efforts at all to become one. So let’s change our mantra, let’s work hard and let success chase us.

5. Choose what you love. You might be wondering why there are a lot of people unemployed, or perhaps underemployed, I too have been wondering about that. One of the reason is the mismatch when a Filipino student enters in college. A certain number of college students nowadays were only forced to take up the studies they’re having now because of the promising future it “supposedly” gives. Sad it is and I’ve been there too. Which is why I shifted to another degree. So for the students out there who are still going to enter college, choose what you love because in the end that wont disappoint.

6. Enjoy college for it shall only pass once in your life. Many seniors would tell me that in college, one must be serious, focused on studies and enjoy less. However, based on what I’ve experienced, enjoying college less is tantamount to making college boring. Yes, it’s true that it’s a once in a lifetime ride but it doesn’t mean you have remove all the colors around it and make it a black-and-white ride. Remember the famous saying, “All work no play makes John a dull boy”, it clearly goes to show that at some point you also must have the time to enjoy, to laugh, to worry less, and to smile and it shall be such a memorable journey.

7. Lastly, trust yourself and do not fear. This is applicable to circumstances such as exams, academic tests, et al. Fear will drag you down. Fear of failing. Fear of not being able to uphold the standards compelled to you. Fear will and will always deprive you of learning. If you fail, you’ll learn. If you do not get what the teacher had discussed, then you’ll learn that you must have to review or ask your teacher again about the lesson. If you do not meet the standards of your parents then you’ll learn to appreciate second chances and try again. I can see that in every opportunity you erase fear in your life is an opportunity to learn, opportunity most importantly to trust in yourself. Because fear wont bring you to the end, it’s trusting yourself and courage that would help you to arrive there.

Indeed, 3 Idiots is one must-watch movie for students. It does not only give us entertainment, but it also gives us lessons in life that we can apply in our journey of learning. Learning they say is a continuous process, we learn every second, every moment, every day in our life, and watching it is one way of learning several things in life that we least expect to get from a movie. I recommend this to everyone especially those people having doubts in their selves, those who do not believe that they can do something, those who are afraid of their selves. May you be motivated after watching it. Always remember that in every hardship, in every trial, in every challenge that comes into our life, put your hand above your heart and say “AAL IZ WELL (all is well)!”


3 thoughts on “3 Idiots and things that a student can learn from the movie (especially those who are going to enter in college)

  1. HELLO PO 🙂 As a college student i really liked this movie and in fact po, ito po yung ginamit ko for my review paper. Gusto ko lang po sanang magpaalam para sa ibang lessons hindi po lahat na hiramin ko yung quotations and other explanations and i’ll explain it further nalang po 🙂

  2. the movie of 3 idiot is nery moral story who don t pas in ur exam.so plz see it and efort more then and always happinessin ur life. nobody caanno know when i die??????????????plz reply this add ALLAH HAFIZ.me w8 ur answer\

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