Conversation with a good doctor

So, here I am having another post in my blog. Trying to have something to update the followers of my blog.

This month really is a busy month for me, unlike in the past months that I am able to write at least once a day, now I can barely write a post in a week perhaps.

This afternoon was really a good afternoon if I may describe it. It was good because we (Ariane and I) were able to meet a doctor who, at some sort, has inspired us more in our pursuit to medical dreams.

She’s by the way, Dr. Anna Marie G. Pato, a renowned pediatrician here in Cebu.

You might be wondering why we got the chance to talk to her, well, for your enlightenment, Ariane and I had to look for a physician to have us examined so that we will be issued with a medical certificate saying that we are physically fit. So since Dr. Chua, who was once my attending physician when I got admitted, was out of town, we eventually looked for another physician who can examine us and certify us to be physically fit. Good thing there’s Dr. Pato.

During our first meeting, she was already this approachable, not that because she is a pediatrician, but you could see that she’s this good and approachable person. So the next day, we went back to her clinic to finally have us examined, indeed, she was a good doctor.

For instance, she was supportive on the endeavor that we are going to have, which is why without hesitations; she helped us have our certificates noting that it was not her duty or clinic hours in CVGH. During the course of examinations, she courteously answered lots of my questions (knowing the fact that I am indeed an inquisitive person), and she even gave us advices in the pursuit of our medical dreams.

For instance, she told us that it’s not really hard taking up medicine; you just have to have the determination to finish.

She also advised us on how to decide for a specialization that really helped us a bit. Helped in the form of clearing out confusions as to the plans we have in mind.

She also gave us tips on how would we succeed in Medtech and be able to enter in Med School based from her own experiences because she was a graduate of Velez College and Cebu Institute of Medicine.

Indeed, the rapport that you can establish with her, as what I have experienced, is not more of a professional one, but more on the sisterly or motherly one. Maybe that’s the reason why she’s good and she’s approachable. Just that small conversation that we had with a doctor, a good one, inspired us, the things she told us, she advised us, I know will really help us. So thanks Dr. Anna!


2 thoughts on “Conversation with a good doctor

  1. Dr. Pato is my son’s Pedia… and since She was travelling abroad when my little girl was hospitalized, Dr. Ronald Chua was the one who took care of my daughter. And they are indeed good doctors.. 🙂

    1. Dr. Pato’s a good doctor, she can really be an inspiration to someone especially with the hard work that she’s putting. Yes, I believe CIM products really are good doctors, and by far, Dr. Pato is one of the people who are living proofs of that. Thanks for dropping by in my blog!

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