Pacquiao, Mall and Tornado have something in common

A store in Mabolo generous enough to let other Cebuanos watch the Pacquiao-Margarito Fight.

Not until I opened my laptop and gooogled it had I learned about Pacquiao’s victory over Margarito. Indeed, he has once again lifted the banner of the Philippines among other nations, amidst the different controversies engulfing this very nation. I wasn’t really able to watch the fight because I was busy looking for someone else. Hehehe. That was a joke.  I didn’t get the chance to watch simply because I don’t have television here and I don’t want to fit myself in crowded places just to see his momentous fight. Congrats anyway Congressman Manny!

Filipinos united once more.

The busy streets of Cebu were pacified and there was low to no traffic at all in the main streets. After attending church, I eventually went to Ayala. While I was on my way there, I have seen a lot of crowd of Filipinos-be it in a Sari-sari store, in Restaurants, even inside the mall- trying to follow the much-anticipated fight of the pound-per-pound champion. Every time Pacquiao delivers good punches to Margarito, the whole crowd yells, claps their hands, become very ecstatic, and indeed, makes you think how united Filipinos were. Criminals too may have postponed their evil plans just to cheer for Manny, whatcha think?

Some stores in the Mall have even paused sales talking just to give way for Pacquaio-Margarito Fight.

Strolling in the Mall.

Haven’t done this for quite a long time. I mean, unlike before where I used to go to malls every week, now, even the thought of going to malls tires me. If not because I was necessitated to look for something to wear during the semis of the CESAFI debate. So, since I was there already, I had grabbed the chance to enjoy strolling. In fact I spent around 7 hours walking around SM and Ayala. Indeed, I take that as  a form of exercise- brisk walking in particular.

Tornado+ Attack of Insects+ Heavy Rain= Paying back of Nature?

While I was in the middle of my strolling, I got curious on what was happening outside SM because people flocked there and they were pointing unto something. Out of my curiosity, I went outside and saw a tornado. The clouds were moving fast, in a circular manner, and all I was thinking that time was the movie 2012. I thought it was happening already. And I was frightened. When the tornado got away, colonies of tiny white insects swarmed the outside of the mall. I don’t have an idea where did it come from. Then, it was followed by a heavy rain plus gusty winds that uprooted some trees in the nearby hotel, Radisson Blu. I think that was how Nature is trying to pay back our badness to her. It was scary, it was like the typhoons Metro Manila had.

The common thing? It’s the enjoyment I had from such experiences. But don’t get me wrong with the Tornado, I didn’t enjoy having it around, destructing several things, though I was fascinated to see such phenomenon. I did however enjoy the fact that I had personally experienced how Nature can get very mad to us. It was a lesson worth remembering.

Indeed, this was a cool Sunday. Not only did I get to see the united Filipino spirits, or even had the chance to brisk walk, or even see how Nature pays back, but the most important thing I experienced today was enjoyment. Nothing can pay or replace the feeling of enjoying something you do. So, followers of my blog, don’t forget that at some point must you enjoy even the little things in life because life has no rewind, and one day, you might just regret not enjoying the things you had or experienced, in the past.



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