Enrollment blues

Things pertaining to academe have been topsy-turvy in the past days. There are still some students trying to enroll and there are some who do not have their study load yet and can’t attend their classes.

For me, the start of the second semester knocked me down. Not only did the enrollment process go bad, but the sudden changing of schedules, adjustment of it, made it worst.


Unlike in the other schools, enrollment here in Velez College follows a non-automated procedure. Good for the regular students because they only need to go to the school during their posted schedule, submit grades to the dean, and voila, their enrollment is processed. For irregulars (because I am a shiftee) like me, enrollment is like synonymous to distress and misery. Not only do you need to manually plot your scheds and see one subject fits with the other, the number of students enrolling on your scheduled date is but a big crowd consider that the department only allotted a day for the irregulars as well as students that had failing marks.

For me, during the scheduled date of enrollment, that was October 29, I went to school early. Around 7 am so that I shall be entertained first. To my expectations, I was one of the early birds and yes, I was among the first group of people entertained that day. But what made my enrollment bad was when I could not find schedules that fit. From 9  am to 3 pm that day, I have been plotting several scheds, trying to look for one that would fit the other. Indeed it was very tiring. I almost have given up, until I found a solution where I needed to find several persons just for their precious signatures. Around 5 pm I finished enrolling, and I had to rush to the pier to book a ticket bound for Ozamiz because the following day will be the debut of my classmate, chance passenger was I.


When everything I thought was going smooth sailing, while I was about to attend a laboratory class of mine did I learn that the class I am into was dissolved. To my disappointment, I had to plot again another schedule. This happened just this morning. Most of the classes were already in its maximum number of students. I almost have given up and thought not to enroll this semester given this unsystematic enrollment procedure they have. Good thing the registrar pitied me. He helped me transfer to another block. YES , I TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER BLOCK when I was already attending several sessions of my classes to my previous block. So right now must I get my admission slip from those instructors whom I have passed my admissions slips, and adjust to a new environment and new schedule.

Hope that the schedule does not change anymore.

See? It’s hard being an irregular. But at least I am proud that I am an irregular not because I have failing grades, but because I was a transferee. It’s ok. I am getting used with this unsystematic enrollment, and I have to abide with this because it was, in the first place, my choice to transfer and to be an irregular rather than staying in my old school.

That’s it for now, will update you guys as soon as everything is ironed-out already.



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