How did my sembreak go?


Sembreak patapos na!!


While Mommyla is in the other house, while some of my relatives are enjoying drinks downstairs, and my cousins are playing on their laptops, here I am trying to make a post, trying to contemplate how this semestral break went, am I satisfied or was it just another boring sembreak?


In exactly two days after this posting, our school is scheduled to have its classes resumed. That’s November 4 to be exact. Yet, I think perhaps that I am still not ready for the resuming of the classes since it has not gotten in my mind that it already is time for classes.

So assessing how the semestral break went, for me, it was indeed an enjoying one, like those that I had before.

First reason if I may think is credited to the fact that I had spent long time at home. Budget-free eating, longer hours of sleep, no to-do lists awaiting, favorite meals served, and of course, no academic pressure. In my two years of being a college student, not to mention studying approximately 175 miles away from home is sometimes making me sick and miss home that much so I have always looked forward in going home should there be vacation or no classes.

Second reason were the moments I had spent with friends that I have not seen for quite a while. Since our batch had prepared several activities for this year’s semestral break there were a lot of moments that had given us opportunity to see and enjoy each company once again. There was also Golda’s debut, which was participated by the majority of the class so it has been a venue to do the things we usually do back then, those good old times.

Lastly is that I had spent time with my family. As of the moment, the family has convened in this beachside house of my grandma for the All Saints/All Souls day. Notwithstanding to the fact that I am the oldest among the “apos” around, I tried to connect to some younger cousins to enjoy in the same way as I tried to connect to some of my Titos and titas and other elderly where I really had enjoyed the most. Having love advices from Tita Rexy when she’s drunk, hearing stories from his last trip outside the country by Tito Patrick, receiving motherly advices from Mom, and talking about random things with my Ate Joey and throwing up after getting so drunk after the drinking session with the family. Indeed, blood really is thicker than water, it is not just only thicker, it will always make you feel good spending time with them.

Though this sembreak is way different from the past sembreaks that I had, I would like to believe that it is as special as those in the past. Tomorrow shall be another day, another opportunity to enjoy, another time to spend with the family, and another 24 hours perhaps of enjoyment. While the class opening is nearing, it is but very right to grab every opportunity to enjoy while one still has no classes.



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