I’ll stand for ZSNHS Special Science Curriculum, will you?

ZSNHS our school most beloved.

During one casual dinner with my family last week, we came across the topic about high school plans. Not because of me but partly because in 2 years time, my lil bro will be entering high school. There were many plans mentioned like having him try to take the Philippine Science High School, the ZSNHS Special Science Curriculum and to my surprise, my mom suggested about the new school- Pagadian Science High School.


I really have less to no knowledge at all about the Pagadian Science High School because like what I’ve said, it’s a new school and it was just established this year if I’m not mistaken. In as much as I want to be proactive about it, particularly in the establishment of such school because admit it or not, having more schools means more perks from it, I can hardly help myself self but be reactive about it. Reactive because I am now starting to hear comparisons about my alma mater against this budding high school. While there were some good grounds of comparison that I’ve heard, there were also negative and foul things mentioned.

So once and for all, I am still for ZSNHS Special Science Curriculum on the following arguments:

1. Proven and Tested Quality of Education through the years.


For how many years now and counting since the establishment of ZSNHS SSC, it has produced top-caliber and crème de la crème graduates. Some graduates are now doctors, nurses, engineers, architects, accountants, lawyers, et al. because of the excellent way of teaching and unparalleled quality of education, if not all, but most of the alumni of ZSNHS SSC end up earning a respectable degree and getting/landing into a good job, high paying job most of the times. Though some alumni are still in “in-the-making” stage, they also have never failed to prove what the SSC education and training was like by maintaining good to excellent grades, some even make it to the dean’s list or honor roll.

2. Excellent Teachers=Quality Teaching

Numerous teachers are ready to quench your thirst for knowledge and education. Some teachers are even Master Teachers in their field and have had many citations, and accomplishments. Some though may not have a master teacher ranking, but the mere fact that they have taught in their chosen field for a long time already must I say that they already are masters or even experts in their own way.

3. Holistic growth and development

Just because SSC has enhanced sciences that are integrated in the curriculum doesn’t mean that the growth and development of each student is only limited to the cognitive aspect. Being in the ZSNHS SSC means a chance to holistically grow. Students are given equal opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities if and only if they possess the necessary skills needed for such activity and if they can with stand the pressures of such, given the impending pressure brought about by the rigorous and thorough academic training.

4. Arms-length resource materials

From reference books, in the library, to accessing the internet, to preserved materials in the laboratory or physics-related apparatus, everything a student needs is within arm’s length, with arm’s length I mean to say is that everything can be found within the campus. Given the fact that the school is supported by some NGOs and Government Organizations, we’re lucky to have updated references, connected to the World Wide Web computer lab, functioning apparatus, and real preserved animals. Interaction is the name of the game. Without interactions, studying will be dull and will bore you to death. Thanks to the USAID, DepEd and some NGOs/GOs and people who are with the thrust of the curriculum to provide competent products and provide quality education.

Those aforementioned are my arguments on why I am still for ZSNHS SSC Curriculum. Of course, as an alumnus, never will I be easily swayed by others. In as much as other people will say that there’s no competition between schools, inevitably, there is. Schools try to outwit, outfight others to emerge as the best school in town unconsciously. I’m not saying though that it’s a threat that there are many schools emerging, in fact, I see it as a good thing and a good venue for ZSNHS SSC to prove right that, if not the best, it is one of the best schools/curricula in the town. Aside from that, having more schools means having more healthy competitions where one can really grow.

What I just hope is that alumni will continue to support and look back to our curriculum. Supports may come from any forms that will help the curriculum maintain an updated knowledge, facilities, resources and will never go obsolete. It’s just a small sort of “paying back” to what we have gained and learned from our dear alma mater.


What say you?

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