First instinct is always right..Yeah right..


Ignore your doubts, trust your instincts


In examinations, I usually try , in as much as I could, not to change my first answers because I have always believed that the first answer or first instinct is always right. I’ve proven this a lot of times in a lot of examinations already. But human as I am, there are times that I rely to doubts and more often than not, these doubts lead to disappointing results.

Just this morning, I’ve relied again to my doubts. While in the middle of my Psychology final exam, I was hesitant whether I shall follow my first instinct or not. I sure did study yet there was just this part of the exam that I was not that sure of. I contemplated well and it cost me some minutes to finally back off from my instinct and give in to my doubts. Yesterday, we were even told by an instructor during our Prefinals in Intro to Medtech that we should not change what our first answers are, because it’s usually the correct answer and she added, “That’s how great our brain is”. But today, I didn’t get to consider what she told us, I gave in to my doubts.

After answering, my happiness was half-baked or the correct word would be ambivalent. Happy of finally having finished Psychology class, which in fact is pretty redundant since I have taken up Psych in my previous degree only that it was not credited, and well not sad but indifferent to the fact that I will not have the scores I wanted to have. After answering also, everything was cleared, that my first instinct was right again. That what I answered in that particular part of the exam was wrong.

Lesson? I quote Mrs. Gantuangco, “Never try to change your first answer, because it’s usually the correct answer. That’s how great our brain is”.


What say you?

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