Shift in paradigms..

Not until now have I realized that some of my posts here in my blog are becoming too subjective and perhaps overrated. I see no bad about it because after all this is my blog and my niche in the internet. However, I have also realized that I don’t necessarily have to have self disclosure here in my blog because it would not be fair to my self. So, to make it even, for my self and for the readers, I have decided that in as much as I can, I will make this blog more objective and less subjective. Objective in a way that it talks about ranging topics particularly on life being a student. Life being a dreamer. Life being and adventurer and settle less in what my irrational thoughts say. Shifting paradigms it is.

In this regard, I have deleted some posts which are way too subjective and which are way too overrated. I hope you still continue to follow reading my blog. I apologize for not really having an recent substantial post because my time is being crunched by different school obligations especially that it is our Final Exams Week. I will surely write again when this is over. Best regards to everyone!


What say you?

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