An afternoon with her :)


Amateur's turn to play. 🙂


So today, I finally had the chance to bond with my close friend and an old crush (HAHAHA), Tala. This was an unplanned get-away because we never did talk about going out and bonding today. What was only in my itinerary was to have my last dose of Anti-Hepatitis B vaccine, then I received a text message from her that she’s looking for someone to hang-out with because today’s boring her.

After having my last dose of vaccine, I went to USC Talamban to fetch her. After which, we went to Ayala to have our lunch. I had Kare-Kare for lunch but I have not totally enjoyed the Kare-Kare because there was a peanut butter taste in it.

After taking a lunch and roaming around Ayala for awhile we went to SM to find something to enjoy there.

We played bowling and fortunately, a first timer like me won over from an experienced player like her. :)))


Tala's turn to play.



My turn to play.



And J won over T 🙂


After which, we went to Quantum to play Dance Maniax and it really made dance to the beat.

After such, we watched a movie at SM and that was how my afternoon went today.


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