Conversation with a Taxi Driver

Whenever I go to my cousin’s house in Mambaling, I usually take a taxi ride rather than taking a PUV for many reasons. Part of it is because I can’t withstand the traffic since I usually go there at rush hours. And part of it is the comfort especially when I do bring a lot of stuffs with me.

Just a recent ride, just a while ago, I had this conversation with the driver. Though I usually do talk with some taxi drivers but this was way beyond the “usual” talk that I do make with them.

It started with him telling me things about his living. Like how does he usually start and end the day, or how does he manage to stay awake at night Β or even how does he handle road misfortunes should there be one.

I learned a lot from it actually.

Then from a not so serious topic, he jumped into a more serious one. Topics like how does he make ends meet given his quagmire situation, financially. How does he maintain honesty in his job though there are already a lot of taxi drivers doing the “butingting” or “rakrak” just to raise the meter high. How does he balance his being a father and his job.

From that conversation, I have seen how it is not easy to become a taxi driver. While people say that they all have the comfort because they drive air conditioned units, we, most of the time, forget that in a day or in a shift, they need to raise like a thousand pesos or two for the rental or they needed to fill their units with gasoline, and it is undeniable that prices are towering.

Apart from that learning, I have also felt that man’s passion in his living. Nowadays, people try to jump from one job to another, so we can never really see passion for their work. But this man, is different. For how many years, he has been a taxi driver, yet, the passion to serve others in that way never diminished. Hats off to him!

And lastly, I now have a more higher perception to them. Higher than how I used to see them before. Their profession or job may not be as “high-paying” as that of the Doctors or Call Center Agents but their job perhaps is as noble as that of the doctors or the call center agents.

Again, hats off for our taxi drivers who does not only serve us, but likewise ensure that reach our destinations fast, and our course, safely.


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