There are still honest Pagadianons after all..


This is how it looks like.


Last, last, Wednesday, September 8 2010, I accidentally left my ATM Card after doing a transaction at Metrobank Santa Lucia Branch. It was not until Saturday that I realized my ATM Card was missing already. All throughout the days, I have thought that my ATM Card is only in my wallet and to my surprise, while I planned to withdraw money that very Saturday; my ATM Card was nowhere to be found. This was the reason why I had an extended stay in Pagadian.

I have recalled where I could have possibly left it. In the first place, I was never nervous nor did I have palpitations upon knowing the fact that my ATM Card was missing. They say, if you have such instincts, the thing may just be misplaced and not totally lost at all. So I trusted my instincts.

Monday came, and I followed up my missing ATM Card.  First thing in the morning, I went to the bank to ask whether there was a captured ATM card or there was one ATM card surrendered. The teller said there was no captured card, so I was pretty disappointed because it was not in my imagination that someone would be honest enough to surrender a found card should there be one.

Fortunately, upon looking at the drawer, she saw my card there. She asked the security guard as to how did the card reach the drawer. The security guard said that there was one person, the one who transacted with the ATM next to me, found it and gave it to the security guard.

I was wrong after all. No matter how many stealing incidents being reported in primetime news or in the national dailies, there are still and there will still be honest citizens.

I may have not known that person, but I wish to thank him/her wholeheartedly for being honest enough and for being able to find my ATM Card. Should you have not found it, it would be a bigger problem in my part.


What say you?

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