My early christmas wishlist..

It has always been in the minds of people that whenever BER months reach our calendars, the spirit of Christmas is already there. In the Philippines, itโ€™s the start of the cold season. Temperature drops and cool breeze of air is experienced every night. Countdowns to Christmas will begin. Santa perhaps is also getting busy preparing the gifts to the nice and naughty kiddos out there. For me not to be forgotten by Santa, I am making this wishlist in advance, should he has the chance to drop by in my blogsite.


First wish, A HAPPY LIFE ๐Ÿ™‚


First in my wishlist is a happy life. The past 3 quarters of this year, especially the 3rd quarter, has been very hard. Emotionally, physically, mentally, it was so demanding. I had to go through different trials, tests and hurts this year. So I hope that I shall have a happy life.




Second in my wishlist is to be able to withstand the different academic challenges I am facing.ย  There can be no denying that the degree I am into right now is one of the hardest , so I wish that I will be sustained all throughout and I will guided by God in my pursuit to become a Physician one day.




Third is a brand new cellphone. Blackberry.ย  Iโ€™ve always wanted to have one BB phone. Though I donโ€™t text and call that often now, I see blackberry as a useful gadget one must have. Talk about Wifi, and other services it offers. Santa already confirmed giving me one blackberry but he said I still have to wait later this year or earlier this year. So excited already.


Fourth, spending the holidays in Luzon


Fourth in my wishlist is spending Christmas in Luzon.ย  The family has always wanted to spend Christmas in Luzon with my relatives in my momโ€™s side. However, circumstances wont warrant. So hopefully, now, we shall be able to spend Christmas there.


Fifth, BOOKS.


Fifth in my wishlist are books. Those genres that I am a fan of. Not those fantasy/vampire or magical themed books.ย  Can be Nicholas Sparks, Jodi Picoult or Paulo Coelho.




Lastly, I wish that not only my family but also everybody in the world will truly have a merry merry Christmas. We celebrate it only once a year but I hope that we will feel the spirit of Christmas everyday in our lives.


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