In pains, we learn the best lessons


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“In pains, we learn the best lessons”, I once heard this in a reality show in the Philippines, Survivor. In survivor, a certain number of cast-aways are isolated in a place, an island perhaps, and they are continually confronted with different challenges, and tasks trying to measure them as to who shall survive up to the end. Indeed, the show lives up with the statement, “survival of the fittest”. There, you’ll see the cast-aways doing every move just to be able to end up as a winner, making the world and worldly things immaterial at all. But, question is, why did a cast-away said that in pains, you can learn the best lessons.

I’ve tried to evaluate it at their own perspective.

Being in a place of nowhere with nothing at all, when I say nothing, not even spare clothes or food, is really painful or tough per se. No person in this world could really stand to survive in such an unfortunate situation. Even you and even myself. However, they had to survive, after all, they decided to join such contest so it is expected from them to embark and survive every challenges that await them.

In every challenge that they have, comes pain. Pain there is inevitable. Physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual pain can be experienced. Yet, in the end of the season, there’s this 1 person who emerges as the winner. There’s this one person who stands out, outwitting the others. There’s this one sole survivor. Perhaps, one reason why such person won, is how he learned from his pains. How he managed to grasp the learning and apply it in similar situations. How he was able to turn an unfortunate thing such as pain to a fortunate one such as learning. He just have learned out of pain.

In my own perspective, I’ll sight some plain examples why we can learn best from pains.

For one, remember those countless exams that you had. Elementary, high school or college. Remember those mistakes that you’ve answered. Remember how you felt bad after knowing it was the wrong answer. Feeling bad is pain itself. And from such incident where you realized you were wrong comes the learning not to choose that answer again. Sometimes, even promising to ourself that we will never forget that answer so that we can never be wrong in the future.

For two, remember those childhood days when you were spanked hardly by your parents? What was their motive for that? Was that for us to get hurt? Or was that for us to learn that we did wrong. I’ve had this one experience that I was spanked and was punished to kneel down under a salt and mongo seeds because I fell from a wood of a foundation of a house being built. I remember then that my mom was so angry at me. I may not have been spanked but it was painful kneeling down in a salt and mongo seeds. Pain again is present. Sometimes, we misunderstand our parents of trying to hurt us, but as we grow old, we come to realize that it was not pain they are trying to inflict on us, it was learning. From that incident on, I’ve already been very careful every time I play in woods or places that are high. Because I’ve learned my lesson.

For three, love. Remember when you first fell in love and ended up being separated. How hard was it dealing with a shattered heart? I suppose it was very hard. You might have felt that it was like the end of the world already. You might have felt like there’s no tomorrow already because you’re continually hurt. For the record, most of the time hurting is caused not by the relationship or the persons involved but it is caused by the plans, the things we have in mind for such relationship. So after going through the pain, or even during we experience the pain, we get to learn something. We get to learn that there was something wrong. That a certain incident or act shouldn’t have been done. That one is wrong. And when we get to learn that mistakes out of pain, we realize a change is needed. We realize that this and that must been done next time, and those shouldn’t be done next time. And, we get to have a better relationship the next time around.

Personally, I couldn’t agree less with what one survivor cast-away said, that lessons can be learned best through pains because I myself had some experiences to that. Not only emotional but also physical. So, let’s appreciate pain once in a while. It’s unfair if we always treat it as a disgrace to ourself when we experience pain because the truth is, we get to learn from pains, and from learning comes changes, and changes entail a better you.


What say you?

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