When God closes a door, He surely opens a lot of windows

Just tonight, I had a chat with this special friend of mine. For the longest time that we haven’t talked or communicated, just tonight, we were able to talk once again. Talk about anything, with sense or without.

After having chatted with my friend, what I learned was when God really closes a door, he surely will open a lot of windows.

Why so?

Because for one, I have just realized how I was changed. Changed because of the different events that happened in my life. Changed for the better. And the way I think, the way I understand things, and the way I deal with things were changed. I feel so renewed.

For two, I have also noticed bow proactive I am becoming, than being reactive. Given the fact that we both talked about a lot of things, I could have been reactive to some, but instead, I was proactive, pacified and profound in dealing with everything.

And lastly, my outlook regarding this very planet of ours was changed. If before, I used to think that this is a very hostile one, now, I still think that it is hostile, but at some point, you can still find happiness.

When God closes a door, he surely opens a lot of windows. Not only windows of opportunities. Not only Windows vista, just kidding. But also windows for self-growth.

I thank my friend for making me realize that some things in me have changed. Thank you for that small time. 🙂


2 thoughts on “When God closes a door, He surely opens a lot of windows

    1. Why? Has God disappointed you? Maybe there’s a reason why those events occurred, maybe it ought to teach you several things. You may not learn it at that instant, but maybe also, you’ll learn it as life progresses, you’ll see the value of those things later.

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