Major Major!


Photo courtesy of Major Major group in Facebook


Yesterday, just like any other Filipinos, I was hoping that Venus Raj, the Philippines’ candidate for Miss Universe would bring home the crown. Not that I am a fan of Miss Universe or I am following it, because I’m not and I was not following it likewise and I never really had the chance to watch the competition because I was attending classes and that I don’t seem to find it interesting at all.

Undeniably, it is already innate in Filipinos that when we hear or see someone, or a group perhaps, representing the nation, we become proud and we wish them good luck. Indeed, Filipino spirit.  So I did hope her to win.

However, Venus Raj didn’t make it. Though some people and insiders were telling that she was the crowd and the judges’ favorite, Venus committed a gaffe thus putting her winning chances in vague.

What went wrong?

Accordingly, the reason of her not landing as the Miss Universe or so was because on how she answered the question.

She was asked, “What is one big mistake that you’ve made in your life and what did you do to make it right?”

“You know what, Sir in my 22 years of existence I can say that there is nothing MAJOR MAJOR, I mean, problem that I have done in my life. Because I am very confident with my family, with the love that they are giving to me. So, thank you so much that I am here, thank you thank you so much,” she answered.

Funny her answer may seem to be, it still did not answer the question. This was the downfall of her chances in bringing home the crown. Some Filipinos were appalled. Some say it was a wasted opportunity for Raj and further lamented that next time, one should hire an interpreter so that the chances will not be jeopardized. However, on the brighter side, she landed as the 4th runner up.


I believe that Mr. Raj meant not to humiliate her or us or to put her chances into vague. I see that being in such competition and having reached the final 5 is a feat itself. If we try to imagine our self in her shoes, can we manage answering well without hesitations, without nervousness knowing that almost 100 countries are watching you that very moment? I bet no.

Let’s still be proud that though she may have not brought the crown home, she still won.  Let’s also thank her for giving us happiness though we just had an unfortunate incident, talking about the Manila Standoff (

It may have been a wasted opportunity but at some point, it made us all proud. Proud of being a Filipino. Proud that a Filipina has made us once again proud in such competition.

83 countries, Philippines being in the 4th place, isn’t it a MAJOR MAJOR achievement?


The Final 5



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