Manila Hostage Crisis

The hostage taker releases one hostage.

With this hostile world we are into right now, everything can possibly happen. In one minute we may see bombs being detonated, in the next minute we may see people killing each other, and in the next minute anything can happen.

Just like yesterday, where there was an 11-hour hostage crisis that had a bloody conclusion. If you do not have an idea on what had happened yesterday, please follow this link   I personally believe that such incident could have ended better if the police had a more realistic and strategic plan.  While they keep on telling the media and the people that they had been practicing on what to do next and what course of actions shall they have, they have been unrealistic to it. Thus they deserve all the shame and criticisms from the international society.

A grieving wife, courtesy of CNN

For instance, there was one policeman who tried to enter the emergency door of the bus. He was not even thinking on what could be the possibilities that may happen to him especially that he was in a difficult position. He was in a difficult position because the chairs might block him should he decide to easily escape and he’ll have a hard time getting off the bus because he was using the emergency exit. And I was right. The moment he entered the bus through the emergency door, bullets from Mendoza’s M16 rained thus making it difficult for him to get out and made the rest panicky over it.

The Philippine Police courtesy of CNN

Another thing I noticed was how slowpoke our police officials were. If in other countries, why can they resolve it in just a few minutes or few hours, why not here in the Philippines? I don’t believe it’s a matter on how high tech other countries are, but I think it is more of a matter on how they (Policemen) could have used their initiatives. If they have just considered this and that, did this and that, it could have ended not disappointing the hostage taker and the Philippine authorities. I believe further that having high technologies don’t matter to Filipinos especially in emergency situations because we were and are always known to be resourceful.  If they just only used their resourcefulness.

Third, crowd control. Yesterday, a policeman accordingly shot a bystander. If this was true then I believe they have management issues. How can they control this hostage situation if in the first place they weren’t able to have a flawless crowd control? Thus we had a bystander who was hit by a bullet.  If only they were able to control everything, accidents such as hitting an innocent one could have not happened.

Another matter is that, given the Philippines was already hitting the headlines globally; it was so ironic that not even a single word was heard from our Dear President not until the crisis has ended. If he really is the commander in chief then he should have issued or at least gave the public, by letting us hear his side, a reassurance while the crisis was happening. Even the government officials in Hong Kong were pretty much disappointed because they weren’t able to contact the President while the crisis is happening. What we, as well as the Chinese community needed that time was reassurance and we never heard it from the President.

Black Alert Status raised by Hong Kong against Philippines

Now, Hong Kong had raised its travel ban against the Philippines. If last year we only had an amber alert level, now, we already have a BLACK alert level. Government officials, particularly, the DoT here in the Philippines said that they will try to negotiate with Hong Kong on the lifting of the ban but I believe that this will take time. Philippines should be expecting more travel advisories.

Hopefully, when the time passes by, all this humiliation will be won back. That the CNN statement dubbing Philippines as the worst place to go to will be disproved. That the international relation between the Philippines and other countries especially the Chinese community will be ironed.

Pnoy should really take this matter in a “major major” way noting that within his first 100 days of service, he already had this kind of crisis while CGMA had her fair share of hostage crisis way back 2007, on her 2nd term already. He must already be anticipative and be ready. Ready in terms of upgrading the skills of the law enforcement, improving the situation of the Philippines, and continue to hoist the economic so that Philippines will not be humiliated again and his words during campaign will not become too good to be true.


What say you?

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