Some people never grow up, like me.


Become some people never grow up.


Time like they always say, flies fast. Sometimes, faster than we thought.

Just like time, people age fast too. Few years ago, we remember we were still kiddos confronted only with the problem of what to eat next, but now, we’ve grown up, and so do our problems.

I remember my mom always telling me how she hated me when I act so immature. She keeps on ranting that I didn’t seem to have grown up despite I am already 17 years old because I still do childish and immature things.

Maybe that’s what makes me unique.

I don’t deny though that I am still immature and sometimes I handle things childishly. Silly and immature.

Like for instance, I don’t put my used clothes directly in the laundry basket and wait for others to put it for me. I still play with the kids in the neighborhood, do hide and seek, do still play patintero. I enjoy cartoons, such as Pokemon, Dora and my all-time favorite is Doraemon.

And honestly, I enjoy being silly and immature.

Maybe on the other side, this is a disadvantage on my part. Because I don’t get to grow up no matter how much I have grown physically and cognitively, still there’s a part of me which does not want to grow up. And maybe that’s what tears me up because I get to neglect several important things an adult of my age should have learned by now because I use to suppress the idea that I am growing, that I need to grow, and that I need to get over with childhood or being immature and what-not.

I am turning 18 next year. In the USA, it is the time where a child gets freed from parental supervision. In ours however, though you don’t get full liberty from your parents, on the brighter side, you get to enjoy the privilege of almost all things because you are already in the legal age. You can get to jail. You can enter bars and clubs. You can enjoy the right to suffrage. You can get married. You can almost enjoy all of the things life has to offer.

Maybe I should start thinking and do some changing in some of my attitudes because I have missed already some lessons in life, and I can’t afford to miss more. Maybe, I should start acting that of my age. Facing life maturely, and confronting the problems in no childish way.

Because people need to grow up, no matter how much we wanted to stay as a child.


What say you?

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