When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

I’ve heard this first time in one of my favorite movies when I was young. Lion King. To be particular, this line was mentioned by Timon while they were in the battle with the Hyenas, the antagonists in the movie.

The line tell us that when the situation gets tougher, gets harder and gets complicated, the strong or the tough one does not back down, instead he gets going, he fights and he may arise victorious in any battle that he is facing.

This can be applied in our daily lives.

I bet you’ll agree with me when I will say that it is already but a reality that we are always confronted with different challenges and trials in life. It is already but a reality also that we are vulnerable to this challenges. However, sometimes, backing down, raising the white flag, and retreating may come as an option to us but we always least think of it as an option.

Sometimes, people get to choose the easy escape. The easy way around. Sometimes we choose to get defeated.

I, for once, chose to be defeated and let the battle get going without me as one of the players in it. I did not fight back nor did I tried to get going. Initially, I thought that letting go of the battle will be a great loss in my part. That being defeated is bad and can bring me disappointments, if not, regrets. I was wrong though.

After having given up in a certain battle, there were several lessons life has taught me. That sometimes we need to give up, to stop fighting, to not get going so we can see the brighter and fuller picture. Sometimes, tough as we are, it’s not all about the physical and emotional strength but also the courage in our inner self to retreat for the better. Sometimes, somebody has to learn how to win and you must learn how to lose.

For most cases, for most people, athletes, politicians, lovers, et al, winning in a battle is what matters most, especially when they are challenged by the situation. To athletes, it gives them more awards, more prestige. To politicians it gives them more chances to serve, a better track record should they decide to run in an electoral post. To lovers, it gives the other one authority and the other one? Submission.

I think otherwise. Life is not about being tough, being in a battle, and winning. Life can sometimes be about losing but learning from it. Losing may be humiliating, losing may not be our cup of tea, but it surely does give us lessons. It surely does teach us. So don’t be afraid to come out in the open and lose the battle. Because when the going gets tough, you may actually choose to get or not to get going.


What say you?

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