Wake me up, when August ends.

August has been a pressuring month, and until now it continues to pressure me.

During the first week, I went through a lot of long exams or mental battles as we needed to have more credits to be added for our midterm grades. Imagine how 60-100 items exam in almost all subjects will welcome you during the first week.

The second week was even harsher and harder because that was our Midterms week. Went through a lot of major examinations. What made it harder was me losing concentration because of some emotional problems. Major emotional problems that have always dragged my attention.

Third week so far has been good, and it could have been better if President Noynoy Aquino didn’t move the holiday from August 23 to August 21. It was curtailing our happiness for holidays.

I expect fourth week to be another bloodshed week since the we won’t be having classes for the whole first week of September to give way for our intramurals. Many exams, many activities, projects perhaps?

Oh please let this August end faster, I want it to be September already. A week having no classes will be such a good reward for all the exhaustion that August brought.


What say you?

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