On being pro-abortion


Abortion: Killing or Saving?


It has already been a constant debate in the Philippines whether abortion be legalized or not. If we try to look around, many countries already have legalized abortion due to some reasons: economical, safety, population control, et al.

You may think I am anti-life. In some point, deciding to be pro on abortion can commensurate to being anti life because abortion itself is “accordingly” killing life. But don’t get me wrong, I may be pro-abortion but I am pro-life. Confusing? Let me elucidate further.

We already know that in the Philippines, and the rest of the countries in the world, early pregnancy has always been present throughout the generation, fortunate that another life was formed, unfortunate that such life won’t get to enjoy the things that are enjoyed by people born on planned families.

If one gets pregnant at an early age, 16 perhaps. We could really imagine that such mom will not be able to raise her child well. Given the fact that 16 must be in school that time, the mom will be forced to grow old physically, emotionally and mentally faster than that of her age bracket. That such mom wont be able to give the rights that a child must have. Right to education, provision rights and etc. Why? Because she’s not ready. Yes, we may put the blame on the mom because she had engaged into early pregnancy, but it would definitely be unfair in her part, that the moment she decides to continue the pregnancy, and turns out that the child would become less fortunate on everything, still we blame the mom.

Abortion can be beneficial although we are always told by our culture that it is bad. They say it’s killing life. They say it defies the law of God. They say it deprives life. I don’t disagree with that but given the current situation economically, and politically we are into right now, abortion should be an option.

Economically. Have you ever heard people complaining of less pays for their jobs? Or people ending up as bum though they earned a diploma because there is scarcity of jobs? Have you ever seen people doing social crimes daily just to have money to suffice their daily needs? Think about those people. If you’re well off and not one of them, maybe you can’t feel what they are feeling. Maybe if you try to put your feet on their shoes, then that will be the time you feel them. Economically, abortion can help. People who had accidentally, made a child, may decide to let go of it earlier than to add up to the problems that they have. Abortion can help further in preventing the aggrandizement of social crimes because unfortunate child nowadays are being trained to become hold-uppers, carnappers, killers. Abortion also can deter social crimes in time because you’ll have the option to continue the life or to let go of it.

Politically. In political issue, I talk about population and the government here. In 2008, according to the World Bank Foundation, there are already more or less 90 million Filipinos around the world. Most of us are here in the Philippines. Majority of those 90 million inhabitants are earning less than that of the minimum wage as lower as a dollar per day. Majority of those people don’t eat 3 times a day like you do. Majority of those people live in make shift houses and are prone to conflagration just like the recent fire here in T. Padilla, Cebu. Majority of those people are poor. And because of those problems we have, corruption is present everywhere. From its tiny form of simply not telling your mother about an excess change, to a larger scale just like the different controversies that the past government “allegedly” had. If we really are steadfast in our aim to minimize poverty and eventually corruption, we must also be steadfast in controlling the population growth of our country for this is the main reason why both ends won’t meet. If we give people an option, abortion, then we can control the population. Eventually, we can impose the laws properly. We can eliminate corruption and poverty. But if we continue to give them vague options, it is only but a utopia that Philippines will be poverty-free, corruption-free.

Let us now be open-minded. We are no longer behind the bars of Spaniard colonization. Yes, before, we may have lesser options or no option at all during their time, but now, we already have the liberty and freedom to choose. What’s the purpose then of being an independent nation if our rights and choices are curtailed? If we are very prudent and if we think not only of our future but for the future of the entire Filipino race, then let us make abortion as an option. It’s not killing life, it’s saving life instead. Saving from the future hardships, grievances and physical or emotional assaults that one may encounter as he or she grows. Saving from deprivation on everything.

Would want to see a baby killed due to fire, due to starvation or people killed just to make money?

Or would you want to let go of a fetus to save it from partial treatments of this very planet that we are living into right now?

PS: This is only an opinion of the writer.


What say you?

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