Im not cheating! Oh please!

I am not cheating. 🙂

I was in the brink of my midterms exam when I had this worst nightmare that could ever happen when exams time is in. Literature exam it is, when I experienced a sort of humiliation in the class.

So while I was busy answering with my FINAL exam for the week, my attention was caught when there were noises behind my back. And to my curiosity, I turned my head around to see what was going on. Mere conversations but in a soft voice. I really didn’t have an idea what they were talking about so let’s give the benefit to the doubt.

When I turned back my head, the teacher called me by humming “sshhhhhhhhhh” loudly. She was staring at me as if she was staring to someone cheating. After which, she gave me this suspicious grin as if trying to tell to me that she caught me what I was doing split seconds ago. Then some of my classmates turned their attention to me.

In my embarrassment, I felt the need to bow down my head, and I did. After those, I never anymore had regained focus in answering. I even left some answers BLANK because I still can’t get over it.

To everyone who was there including Ms. Dequillo (the Proctor, the teacher), I am no cheater. I have never cheated since I got into college especially in Midterms/Finals or any other Major exams. Please, you guys may have misinterpeted my actions. Maybe this is what people tell us sometimes that curiosity can be bad. I was just curious of what was going on at my back. So please reserve your judgments. I may have once been a cheater in highschool (well who doesn’t cheat right?) but never in college. If you’ll ask my friends, especially those in USC, they will tell you that I am no cheater.

What an experience for a Friday the 13th day. 😦


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