When boredom strikes…is that so?

When boredom strikes..

It is already a reality in facebook when people upload pictures of them from time to time. May it be after a party, after meeting someone somewhere, after a getaway or an escapade and what-not. I myself have also been used to uploading pictures but only those substantial of course.

What is getting into my nerves apparently are those people posting albums entitled “When Boredom Strikes” or WBS syndrome as I call it.

We get it, sometimes, we get bored, and when we get bored, we find something to enjoy to. And when we already have found something to enjoy to, then there comes the time that we ease out the boredom we’re having.

What making it absurd is the popularity of it to the extent that there are many people using it as an album name. It’s funny to think that I’ve already seen about 15, and counting, people using it as an album name. Did boredom really strike? Or they just have nothing to do with their quality time?

Point 1. If boredom really struck, why could those people post hundreds and hundreds of picture in it? With their face smiling, and sometimes the smiles are pretty much CANDID. If we try to elucidate the word boredom,

it is defined as the state of feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity

If one is feeling weary because he/she lacks interest in his/her current activity, how come could a certain person post 100 to 200 photos in that album, all of which are pictures with their face smiling, grinning and laughing? Must have been photos looking sad, or better yet, minimal photos since they are bored that time.

Point 2. In most cases, those albums that I saw contain pictures only of the user himself, alone most of the time. What’s getting into my mind is that maybe they have misinterpreted WBF as Me, myself and I album?  Why do I say so? Because in my past encounters with WBSs, those people are just having vain poses, not really looking bored at all. So, maybe it is already starting to get implanted to each mind of FB or other Social Networking Sites users that WBF is synonymous to Me, Myself and I. And just like me now, every time I see “WBS albums”, I just disregard scanning the photos inside because it’s already starting to get implanted to my mind that WBSs do only contain pictures of the users themselves, and sometimes, I feel that it is unnecessary to scan the album because the contents can already be guessed, and most of the time, I am right.

I am not really making a circus out of this thing. But it’s just getting into my nerves seeing people posting the same album names with very ironic contents inside it. Smiling, laughing, having poses like supermodels when in fact they were supposed to be bored.

When boredom strikes, click click click. Smile pose laugh. Does the end justify the means? Was boredom justified by pictures of yourself having smiled or laughed? You be the judge.

PS: This is not referring to someone, no offense intended.


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