In a relationship, single, married. Playing around Facebook.

When you create a profile in Facebook, or any networking sites, whether you like it or not, you’ll have to encounter questions about your relationship status. In friendster, so with Facebook, it will ask you if you’re single or if you’re in a relationship, and sometimes, the answer becomes daring by putting whom you are with as of the moment, or whom you are married to.

For instance, Ms. X may put that she is in a relationship with Mr. X. I get that. Sometimes, we could not blame people for being very vocal and outspoken about their relationship status because they are proud. As the cliche says, “You must be proud of your lucky guy or gal”.  I get it also that some people prefer to make their lives in social networking sites as privey, as personal, and as exclusive as they can. They are the ones who just place single though they’re in a relationship, and married though they are divorced or separated, and it’s complicated when it’s totally over.

What I do not get is that there are some people, who change their relationship stats from moment to moment. Exempli gratia, this minute you may see Mr. Y in a relationship with Ms. Y, then suddenly, he becomes single, then the next day, he becomes married or have a complicated relationship to Ms. Z.

Sometimes, I question its veracity. Is it for real? I oftentimes ask myself whenever I see such things. When it gets into my nerves already, I just think of them as attention seeker?

Why so?

Attention seeker because of their vulgarity and because of their steadfast decision in changing it as often as they could. If Ms. Y, Ms. X, or whoever mademoiselle or mister that is, is having a rocky relationship, why not solve it first and later change it. Why not keep it to their selves first rather than exposing it to public? Why not settle the issue before bluffing it to people? It helps when you talk about it, and who knows from being in-a-relationship, it will end up into a married status.

For those seeking for attention, how come could you afford to compromise yourself, and put your name into a supposed “limelight”. Yes, you are dragging everyone’s attention, but hey, that does not put you into the minds of people. That doesn’t help you at any way, instead, it will just let the public think you are an attention seeker or what. Compromising here means, changing unconsciously how people will think about you. We must remember that we need self-respect, and if we have that self-respect, respect from people will likewise blossom. If people will have a decreased respect on you, then there starts back stabbing, there starts belittling. Worst, you will, at a certain point, lose self respect.

Why does this bother me? It bothers me because a lot of people nowadays are hooked with social networking sites, but unfortunately, majority are irresponsible users. I have cousins who at young age are internet users already. I have young friends who are avid followers in twitter. I have a couple of acquaintances who I see in Facebook everyday. This ever rocketing population in social networking sites must be geared with responsible usage, and those “relationship statuses” are merely part of being responsible.

In a relationship 5 minutes ago, married 2 minutes ago, single 30 seconds ago. Relationship statuses, can we play with it in social networking sites?


2 thoughts on “In a relationship, single, married. Playing around Facebook.

  1. Ahahah…I can so totally relate, James… a cousin of mine used to force me to put the name of the guy I’m in a relationship with, but I didn’t want to…I mean, people who matter know, and really, it’s weird announcing it to the world…

    And those who change their relationship status from time to time (including “engaged” “married” “Divorced” etc.) Even though it’s not true…they are attention seekers… O.o

    1. Yes te, it’s weird jud announcing it to the world, I guess you dont have to reveal everything in your life diba te?

      Truly, they are attention seeker jud and makalagot jud mag-tan-aw. But it’s their choice man sad, and we can’t do something to stop them. Heheheh. Maybe they wanted really to be dubbed as attention seekers. 🙂

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