When you fall get up.

Life can be bring you tons of surprises, surprises that are sometimes good and sometimes bad. A teacher once told me that surprises are always good, it’s on how you deal with it that it becomes bad, it is on how you react, how you accept, how you confront the change that is infront of you that makes it bad.

Maybe she’s true. Maybe she’s wrong.

In the past week, I have decided to step out of Facebook for a couple of days. It was for a reason that Facebook was becoming a place of hostility, a place of antagonist people trying to put down the protagonists. Facebook then was created for networking, for finding friends, not for fighting nor tearing someone into pieces.

When someone is trying to tear you into pieces, is it another form of falling down? For me, it’s a yes especially if that someone means alot to you. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to point someone here. On one’s journey in life, there are up’s and down’s. People whom you meet in the journey may raise you up or bring you down, and, falling down, is the worst thing to happen in you. However, in case to case bases, falling down is also a means of sacrificing, sometimes, we see people letting themselves fall down to let others feel victorious, to let others feel that they are LOVED, that they are important, that they make them live, they give them reason to live.

“When you fall, get up”, chanted by Shakira. Amidst everything, amid of all challenges of falling down, one must get up. Is that what the song is trying to tell us?

If you already were in a the situation of falling down, will you ever have the clue when to get up? When would you know that it’s too much falling down already? Or would you ever have a clue that it’s time to get up? Or will continue falling down just to let them feel what you wanted them to feel? Those I cannot answer yet.

Life indeed is full of surprises, people likewise have surprising acts that we may never understand, and only them can understand. Life is a paradox. Life is never perfect and all those “happily-ever-after” endings are just found in books and fairytales. We must accept that life itself is full of trash, and it’s yours for the cleaning already, otherwise, life will still continue to be trash.

“When you fall, get up, does that really make sense?”

Next week, another challenge awaits me. Not emotional but mental challenge this time. It shall be the venue where I will prove myself and my worth in Velez College. If I have made it in University of San Carlos, then there’s no reason why I couldn’t make it in Velez College.


2 thoughts on “When you fall get up.

  1. Hmmm…. some good thoughts here. Remember, the best friends won’t always be the ones who tell you that everything is OK right away, especially if it’s not.

    “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, But the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.” (The Bible, Proverbs 27:6

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