Who is SALT?

Who is SALT?

I have always been curious on who SALT is. In fact, it has always brought me curiosity everytime I see the movie posters in some malls here in Cebu. Who is SALT and what does SALT do? Those were the questions we tried answering after deciding to watch SALT today.

I can say that SALT is not your typical action movie. Not only does it feature one of my crushes in Holywood, Angelina Jolie, the plot itself has made the story very interesting. Working at CIA, Salt was a former russian trained spy which was trained purposely to realized the plans of Russia against America. Unfortunate to Russia, Salt turned her back against them and instead worked hard for America. By the time that their trainer was interrogated at CIA, he revealed that Salt was the russian spy who is tasked to kill the Russian President. Then there starts the real twist.

You can see Angelina do unbelievable stunts and crazy moves in Salt which will bring you to awe. Jumping from one trailer to another. Doing “Spiderman” acts in buildings. I wish I could do those things also.

Not to mention Angelina’s lips. Who can ever resist it if she’ll kiss you? Hmmm. Angelina was really pretty there. And he was awesomely good looking during that scene where she had to disguise as a man.

It is indeed another “must-watch” movie. Though it cannot surpass, for me, Inception. It’s still another movie worth going to the movie house! 🙂


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