Philippines becoming Aseya? Could this be happening?

While I was trying to research about the bill filed by Representative Gloria Arroyo about the creation of 2 new regions of ARMM- the Southwestern ARMM and the Central ARMM, I came across with this youtube video showing a detailed “predictions” perhaps of what’s going to happen in the Philippines in the future.

After watching the video, it made me contemplate and have made me thought that there can be possibilities of Philippines becoming Aseya in the future if there shall be constant conflicts of the settlers especially in Mindanao. Remember what we had a year ago? The Bangsamoro Juridical Entity where no resolution was reached because it was declared unconstitutional. Now, what if another strike of conflict for Mindanao ownership shall come in our way, try to see the video and contemplate afterwards. We’ll never know, this might happen, everything can be possible.

From Philippines to Luzviminda to a new nation, Aseya, would you want that to happen?


What say you?

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