Another sleepless night.

I wish to thank Mcdonald’s Jones for sheltering me last night and for offering me 750 mL of Arabica coffee which made me alert all throughout the night, and the day of course. Though I may have nearly slept in my afternoon classes, at least I really did not sleep at all. One negative thing that happened was that I got zero in my oral exam in Spanish. Blame that “Estas muchachas es suya de el which was supposed to be Estas mujeres es suyos de el”. 🙂

Now, I will be spending another night there in Mcdo, intoxicating myself with caffeine. Letting my arterial walls stiff, causing my heart to palpitate just to be able to study for my looooooong exam tomorrow. Honestly, it pays if you get to spend whole night studying, because you’ll have confidence in answering your exams, though it is not a healthy thing to do.

Tonight, I shall focus myself studying. Notwithstanding to the fact that I am compromising my health because it is already like 24 hours that I had not slept at all, I know sacrificing can bear fruitful rewards, anyway, it’s a holiday on friday, so I got to have my good night’s sleep by then before going back to the usual sleepless night for the midterms next week.

So again, I shall welcome a 48-hour no sleep moments. Thanks college life. Now my mom’s gonna be angry at me because I am not taking my good night’s sleep. Hahahhaha.


What say you?

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