I’ll cut you out.

Like what I have always been telling to my close friends, I have always wanted to be a surgeon someday. Surgeons cut people, cut into half, straight, slit, or cut you open when they need to. I find it very groovy especially that you do not only have to be precise in cutting, but you must also be ambidextrous. That’s how I wanted to be someday. Someone who cuts you open, who cuts your skin or organs, or can even cut your heart out and let it bleed (Just kidding, hahahha).

Awhile ago, in our Zoology Laboratory, we had a dissecting activity. It was not of human’s skin, but of frog skin. It was a bit challenging activity since I aimed for perfection, especially in cutting the skin of the frog. Call me a loser, what made it more exciting, was that for the first time ever, I will be dissecting a frog.

I didn’t know how to start at first since the instruction given was where to cut the crap out of the frog, not how to cut it. So i trusted my instincts. Initially, you will feel piteous for the frog especially that they are compromised just for the sake of Medical studies. The frog was still moving though etherized already. It was as if the frog was begging me to save his life. Liquids coming out of his eyes (don’t know if it were tears) and mouth. But let’s say I was evil that time that I didn’t spare his life and started pinning him.

I started cutting him/her/it likewise and my classmate, the oldest in class (30y.o), complimented me that I have such a precise cutting. He added that I could be a good surgeon one day. I won’t deny I was flattered by it to the extent that I did all the cuttings and the skinning.

Such activity taught me to never underestimate my skills and talents. Precision skills. Never thought I have one. Now I gotta start believing more in myself, on what I can do, and start exploring more skills, for they can be learned.

I will become a good surgeon someday, one of the best in town, and I’ll cut you out.

That is no complacency, or being ambitious. It is believing in myself. For in believing in yourself, comes motivation, and when motivation is there, succeeding in anything can never be too far.


What say you?

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