Got soaked in the rain. Being childish again.

Hello MCWD, how's this water line? I bet every second of water gushing out is a ton of waste. Tsk tsk.

Speaking of water, I never really expected that finding a disecting set could be this worst.
Here’s the story. It has been days already since Cebu City is continually hit by rains. After I had attended my literature class today, I rapidly went outside the school to look for a jeepney because I was planning to go to National Bookstore Mango to inquire about the disecting set. Just when I was waiting for a jeepney that will take me there, the rain slowly poured. I disregarded it at first because it was just sprinkles of water. Then there was a jeepney. That very moment when I rode into that jeepney, the rain went mad and bad. It had poured heavily as if it was really raining cats and dogs. So I got off at Robinsons. Went inside. After waiting, I just didn’t mind the rain and went outside again and looked for pharmacies. The rain still hasn’t stopped yet. I first went to Mercury, then Rose Pharmacy, then Watson’s till I almost circled Fuente Osmena Circle just to look for pharmacies which still has an available disecting set. The rain was still there. And I got soaked in the rain. Instead of getting mad, I got happy a little bit because I remembered my childhood days when I used to play under the rain.
Never did I mind about my health. So what if I’ll get sick, at least my immune system will be of use. So I continued searching till I reached another pharmacy, this time, near CDUH. And I was so lucky that there was still disecting sets available.
The entire searching for such a thing was fun though I got soaked in the rain. Now I am starting to feel hot (maybe I am having a psychological fever. Hahaha, please don’t let conversion happen).

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