AGE with Mild Dehydration

My blurry hospital tag 🙂

IT came fast and knocked me down fast too. I did not expect that a simple stomachache will elevate, bring me some vomiting and diarrhea and eventually lead me to an admission in a hospital.

It was 10 in the morning when I first felt a stabbing sensation in my epigastric area but at first, I did not care about it thinking that it was just another simple stomachache. But as the time went by, around 12 pm perhaps, the pain likewise elevated and there were already some series of diarrhea and vomiting. I thought again that it was just a simple “upset stomach” but it was already more than that. I was already nearing to be totally dehydrated due to the great amount lost in vomiting and diarrhea. Fever also was never absent, to the point that I had experienced some chilling sensation, after having experienced all those, it made me decide to go to the hospital and have myself checked up.

Together with some friends, while my cousin is still on her way, I went to the OPD of Velez Hospital. I was stuck in queue since there were a lot of patients waiting ahead of me. The pain went worse already and I couldn’t even stand or balance myself because I feel dizziness. When my name was called I rushed to that small room where the doctor was waiting for me. She asked me several questions initially and recommended me to be admitted since I lost a significant amount of body fluids.

I hesitated thinking that it was too early for me to be admitted, with the symptoms appearing for hours only. I thought otherwise and weighed the consequences. If I won’t have myself submitted to an admission, I will not be closely monitored, my vital signs, my CBC, and other things to be tested will not be monitored, my condition might worsen.  I decided to be admitted.

We went to the emergency room immediately where I was given an IV medication to replenish the lost ions in the body. Blood sample was taken also to look after my CBC.  I was stuck in the ER for such a long time till I finally was placed in a room in the hospital.

The first night went so bad. I was having a fever coupled with migraine and series of vomiting and diarrhea also. I had migraine for like 7 hours till the doctor finally prescribed a medicine, pain reliever that is higher than mefinamic acid, which has weak opium in it to relieve the pain. I was also prescribed an antibacterial medicine to treat my AGE.

The following day, there were rashes coming out in some areas of my integument. I was having an allergic reaction that is maybe caused by the pain reliever, paracetamol or the antibacterial so when the doctor came in all my medications were stopped. Blood sample was once again withdrawn and I was continued with the IV medication.

Until my last day, I was continued with an IV medication and I had my IV site replaced/relocated for 3 times. The doctor told me that my WBC count went back to normal that is why she didn’t prescribed anymore medication for me.

I thank God for continually blessing me. I thank also Dr. Mitzi Chua, my attending physician and those other hospital staffs such as those Medical Interns :), Student Nurses :). To my Aunt Teofila. I thank also my dear cousins Ate Aika and Ate Janjan and friends Ate Echin and Ate Ailyn and Kuya JC for looking after me in the hospital. To my BSMT 2D, eBSN 1A and highschool classmates who visited me in the hospital. To my friends and loved ones who called me. And everyone else who prayed for my fast recuperation.

ps: My diagnosis was Acute Gastroenteritis with Mild Dehydration.


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