Post-Inception feeling.

Even before I watched inception, I already have some questions running into my mind. At times, I usually ask myself if this reality or this real world we are into is the real world or reality? I sometimes imagine and ask myself “What if all of this things, all of the daily happenings are just purely imagination, are purely thoughts, and what if I am still in the womb of my mom just imagining all of the things that is happening around me?”

Then there comes the movie Inception, having almost the same thoughts of mine. Only that they focused on dreams and never did it include being in one’s mom’s womb.

Last week, I have already read several reviews about the movie. Some say it was enthralling, some say it was nerve-wracking but in totality, the reviews praised the movie, the story plot and the actors themselves so it has risen my curiosity to the point of wanting to see the movie.

So the reviews were never wrong. For me, I can say that it is so far the best Sci-Fi movie I’ve seen this year. It included many twists and turns that has made me think, surmise, and anticipate several things. Leonardo di Caprio proved again that he’s no longer this so-so actor following the success of “Shutter Island”. The same is true with the other characters.

Initially I got boring and almost slept in the IMAX Cinema of SM Cebu but just as when exciting things start to unfurl, it hasn’t stopped my from concentrating in watching the movie to the extent that I am already controlling my bladder sphincter and trying to control the urge of micturating.

The movie like what I said earlier is so far the BEST Scifi movie I had seen. It will never fail you and will even surprise you with it’s story. It has combined, suspense, drama and love story into one book. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

After watching the movie, my curiosity hasn’t been erased, in fact it has made me more curious than ever.

Are we really in a world we call a REALITY or are we in a world full of mystery and DREAMS?


What say you?

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