Thus I am more destined to fight

I am like a boat, travelling in uncharted waters, going to a place like nowhere in a journey that is yet to unfold.

That is how I define my life now. I am yes, in a journey that is unknown. Yet I am looking forward to be that boat, in that white sand,  full of accomplishments and full of bounty life has to offer. Yet, I know likewise, that in every journey, so is life, there are its ups and downs.

In a sea voyage, you experience thunderstorms which will bring forth big waves, big waves which might cause you danger or harm. Nevertheless, there is always a captain of the ship, a captain who makes decision for the journey, whether to cruise or not to cruise, to move forward or retreat backward, to stay or to leave. I am the captain of my life. But I am guided by someone who has more knowledge, who is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, God. Thus making this journey worthwile.

In that white sand I am dreaming for, there are those people waiting for me. People who have high expectations that someday, they’ll see me their in the white sand bearing and flying with colors. People who gives me no reason or room for retreating and surrendering. They are my family and friends.

Indeed, I may be in uncharted waters. I may have been washed away into a different direction, but I know that I am standing by the decisions I have made and I am to make. I know that I am making my own life and it is only up to me whether I am to follow what everyone says or just live by my own choices in life.

I am a person who was known to be a fighter and does not have the word surrender in my thoughts, I hope I am still that person now.

Journeying in uncharted waters is like sojourning an unknown problem at your back. I hope that I’ll make it through, I hope to reach that white sand, I hope to be the best ship or boat I could ever be.


What say you?

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