After attending my Spanish class this afternoon, I felt a little bit boring so I went to Ayala and treated myself for dinner or for chillaxin perhaps. (It has always been my attitude to treat myself when I feel that I had overused my body in terms of abusing it to the limits)

So after I went to some stalls to look for something to be worn during our acquaintance, I had treated myself in KFC ordering 2 pcs chicken and an extra rice. Then realizations come flushing into my mind. I noticed that at times, I unconsciously become someone absurd- someone who enjoys everything alone. I go to movies alone, I eat alone may it be in fastfood chains, I go to malls alone. I enjoy almost everything alone. Is this a serious psychological problem? Or am I just enjoying doing things alone? I hope it’s not the previous but the latter.

Fourteen, my latest addition to the queue

After eating, I went to some bookstores. NBS and Gaisano since they had a booksale. Fortunately, my bookworm instincts tempted me to buy 2 new books which adds to the “to-be-read” books and makes the queue with 5 books. So both the new books of mine or libros mio (just applying what I learned today) are nonfictional which skyrocketed my interest. One is about a murder in the holy land and the other one is a story of how a young boy survived the hardness and bitterness of life at a young age with a big family.

I know it’s good to be bookworm but still I have to balance my academics so that not one will be compromised. Adios for now! 🙂


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