It’s Annjo, with a double N

With regards to my name, I have always encountered people questioning where did I get my second name? Or perhaps they’ll be asking me how did my parents decide for this name? Or when I dictate to them, they usually misspell my name.

Yes, I don’t deny it. My second name is pretty absurd and pretty unique from what we are used to, ANJO.

While mine is ANNJO, most of the time, it is mistakenly written as ANJO or one time this was written as AMYU, pretty farfetched right? Every time I encounter this, I feel bad and mad at those people who misspell or mispronounce my name because I treat my name as very special one.

ABSURDITY. Like what I’ve said, I am in no denial that my name is a little bit absurd. Yes, it’s different from what we’re used to spell it, yet it is as special like the other names out there.

My ANNJO, with a double N, came from my mother’s second name, JOANN. When I try to ask my parents why, why such name? My father always tells me that they wanted it to be out of my mom’s name. Perhaps they don’t have any other idea what name shall be given to me? HAHAHA. Just kidding.

So, I hope by this time, everything’s cleared. I am ANNJO. With a double N.


What say you?

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