Aquillax Community!

I believe that you are one with me in this plan that I am proposing.

In as much as the family needs prayer, I believe that it is still but right to open our generous hearts and offer several amount of money for the bereaved family. In as much as we want to be there physically, we know that it would be impossible to some of us since we are islands away from them. So like what we Aquillax-Cebu have agreed, I am inviting you also to share some amount from your pockets and that will surely help them and her family.

I am still on the process of communicating with Christell or any family members where we can possibly deposit the amount we are to collect from each Aquillax sector. Cebu, Luzon, Dumaguete, Iligan-CDO and Pagadian. I know this may be just a small effort for us to do but it will surely help the family. Through our donations, we can help a lot.

Please do reach me at my globe or smart number for any queries that you have. Thank you and may we be one in this generous move.


What say you?

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