I can still remember back in 2008’s summer, I used to read books which was my way to escape from the boredom of reality and the fact that I am being subtle and stagnant because I have nothing to do. Nothing else than to sleep, eat, and sleep again.

I remember the works of Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown and Nicholas Sparks were on the list of my books to read that summer and when the class season had started, my being bookworm had eventually faded as well.

Last week, while I was in Ayala, I happen to have stopped by at National Bookstore, and to my surprise, there was a sort of energy and sort of enthusiasm that blanketed me that time and eventually, I have seen myself buying 2 books, and there I have come to know that my being bookworm is slowly rekindling.

As of this writing, I have just finished reading another novel of my favorite author, Paulo Coelho which is “The Zahir”. As expected, Paulo has once again never failed to excite and surprise me with the twists in the books.

The book was all about love, separation and finding that love again. It is not your ordinary love-separation-finding love story, rather, it entails a different view about it, a more exciting one, and a more worth learning for.

Photo courtesy of http://www.meettheauthor.co.uk/bookbites/767.html

And so it boils down to the things I have learned from the book:

1. PERSONAL HISTORY WILL TAKE ITS TOLL IN US. Personal history dictates us to become this and that because there are rules set before us, rules that we believe we ought to follow because this is how we “accordingly” know how to reach and become who we are. But it is wrong, instead, personal history will prevent us from becoming who we are, it may bring us there, but only half-way. To completely reach and become who we really are, personal history must be left and must never sojourn at our backs, there, we prevent mediocrity in our selves and we prevent following the rules that society dictates us, instead, we follow our own path.

2. A LOVE LOST MAY NOT REALLY BE A LOVE LOST. Just like me, you too might have experienced heart breaks, or perhaps break-ups. Sometimes, we think that it’s a failure. And oftentimes we ask ourselves, “Where did it go wrong?”. We seldom put into thinking that it might not really be a love that was lost. It may be a way to teach us how to be more in love. It may even direct us to go back to the path or tread again, and see what went wrong and try to, if not, repair, then learn from it.

3. WHAT THE EYE DOESN’T SEE, THE HEART DOESN’T GRIEVE. True though. So I realized now that my being jealous over so many things is good-for-nothing basically because like what such is saying, what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve.

4. Lastly, FAVOR BANKS CAN BE USEFUL. You might have not heard of this before, but to cut the crap out, Favor Banks work like any banks we have anywhere you are right now. It’s just that money is not the thing being deposited and withdrawn, instead, favors are the ones being deposited and withdrawn. You do good to someone and that someone might or might not do you good in return. Lucky for those who shall be paid back for the favors they did, it can be useful especially when you need it the most. This just sounds like the golden rule, that you can do to others what you want others to do unto you.

Indeed, Paulo Coelho never fails to teach his readers and followers salient lessons in life. All of this might sometimes be paradoxical, but everything makes sense in the first place. Next in line will be “Handle with care” by Jodi Picoult. I promise now to myself that I shall become a bookworm once more, I’ll give it a try again this time for it doesn’t only give me an escape to boredom, it does give me lessons, and understand life through reading books.


What say you?

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