The universe didn’t conspire this time.

Whenever I have some stuffs or things to be shipped or to be sent, I usually have no other options but choose LBC. Like what it has always been flashing in their TVCs, they are the “Hari ng Padala” or the King/Mighties of the Courrier Business. So I have always had trusted them, and the company has never failed to live up with their tagline, or perhaps to fail me, not until I had something sent last week.

So to make the long story short, I have never expected it to be delivered on to the wrong person. Well, they delivered it exactly on the right adress but not to the right person which made my plans go wrong. Nevertheless, there are lessons that were learned.

Initially, no to door-to-door deliveries this time, I’d rather have pick-ups. Second, no more to the KINGS,  I’ll settle with the ROADRUNNER this time, you know what I mean. Third, surprises may be good, but sometimes, you’ll be the one to be surprised with your surprise, in short, BE SAFE ALL THE TIME.


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