Hello from Velez College Computer Laboratory.

I am currently here in our computer laboratory having my IT classs for today. So, I got in late for like 15 minutes and good thing that our teacher didn’t notice that I got in late. I’m no longer surprised why there are websites that are inaccessible since this is accordingly, “for academic use” thus non-academic things or sites can’t be accessed.

In the middle of the discussion, there came a topic about public schools and having a basic computer subject in it. He mentioned that he had a student in his other class who doesn’t know how to use Microsoft word and accordingly it was because their public school didn’t offer basic computer lessons. There was one classmate of mine also who barely know how to do things in Microsoft Office, so there, I realized how lucky we were from Zamboanga del Sur National High School who had a fair share of computer lessons.

Now, we are assingned to do a magazine out of Microsoft Word. I find it a little bit perplexing though I had experienced making a newsletter before but using Publisher then, not Word. I still don’t know what to put in my magazine but I am planning if not copy all my blog entries, then I shall have to make several articles which the youth is facing nowadays.

That’s it for now.


What say you?

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