What high school tilts have taught me..

I am now in my 2nd year level in college. Though I am 2 years over with high school, not all high school things have I gotten over completely, there are things which still remain in me and thus I still carry up to this very moment in my life. Competitions. I’ve been to and have gone through competitions in high school. May it be academic wise or within my personal life. Academic wise, every time I am called for a competition, my initial reaction was that I become so excited since I know I’ll representing the school, but on the process, when practices come and demand my time much, comes in exhaustion and feeling of backing out. But this has never become a reason to back out, instead, it has taught me HOW TO BE PREPARED AND TO KILL, NOT LITERALLY THOUGH, MY OPPONENTS AND RISE AS THE BEST.

Now I am confronted with a competition, not academic, but personal this time. But I needless divulge since it’s a critical one. A very serious and a very sensitive competition that any glitch may bring me to worse or to better. I know I have an edge on this one but I know that I shouldn’t be all throughout confident since this is a new game, a more vulnerable one. So count me in, and bring it on.

Meanwhile, today, I and my boardmates came to a small “salo-salo”. This was my first time to bond with them and being the youngest and the latest addition to the house, I rarely have talked or get along with them. Nevertheless, like what I posted in a previous blog entry, they were so warm to me and they never have made me feel I am out of place. We enjoyed laughs, food and talks and thus it made the night complete for me. Maybe this will be the last time for us to bond since some of them are bound to their hometowns by next week since they were only reviewing for the July Nurse Licensure Examinations but however at least, for a short time, I’ve come to know them and they have come to know me. That’s all for today. Still have classes tomorrow.

PS: Meet Madam Dyosa, she was I don’t know. I just saw her upon going outside my room. Her presence was surprising indeed, and one must pay respect accordingly, or else, you’ll get beheaded just like her. Just kidding. HAHAHAHA.

This is Madam Dyosa, the new visitor in the house. She was found somewhere outside and the gang made fun out of her.

What say you?

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