How I enjoyed the weekend before my birthday..

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I spent my weekend in my Mom’s hometown, nonetheless, in Cadiz, Negros Occidental to attend the wedding of my cousin Nelord Jumuad to Flosie Franco last June 26, 2010. After a year of not going home in Cadiz, I have once again stepped on the lands of my Mom’s hometown.

I have always looked forward in going home to Cadiz since I have rarely spent time with my relatives in my Mom’s side throughout my years of existence here on Earth. To my excitement in my trip to Cadiz, I supposedly planned to surprise my relatives by not telling them that I’ll be arriving last Friday, but here comes mom, being so excited, just I am, for me to see my relatives, proved that she was indeed a BS Mass Comm graduate, reported to her sibs that I am arriving on that day. I was initially dismayed that preempted the surprise arrival of mine, but I got her point of telling me, to let them prepare for my arrival.

Like what it has always been, I was warmly welcomed by my titas. All of them offered their houses for me to stay in, but I opted to stay in Tita Pat, the eldest of them, for my first night. Indeed, one can see a close family ties in my mom’s side.

Second day, the wedding day likewise, came in. Everybody in the family got very busy. Tita Neneng was incharge for the food since she has a catering business, Tita Nenette, the mother of the groom, got very busy preparing for the groom and the bride and of course their family, and the rest got their fair share of task.

The wedding ceremony proper started at around 2 pm and ended at around 4 pm. Good thing the rain didn’t poured heavily. The ceremony was different to what we always see in the television because they are not Catholic. After which, the reception ceremony came in where I was one of the masters of ceremony and likewise the photographer. The reception ceremony got disorganized since some parts weren’t followed but thanks be to my previous MC experiences, I have organized the program in as smooth as I can.

After the reception and the after care, I was treated by one of my cousins, Manang Tweetums, to carnival. After how many years of not going to carnivals, I have once again rekindled how I use to enjoy carnivals back then. I have once again rode in a Horror Train and a Ferris wheel. I have enjoyed that horror train ride because it was so corny. Rather than being frightened, I kept on laughing because it was indeed corny.  That Ferris wheel ride however have caused me goose bumps because in the whole duration I was in that ride, what was running into my mind was the Final Destination movie.

After enjoying the carnival, we’ve roamed around the city, joyriding. We had chillaxin near Cadiz Park and for the first time in my life, I have indeed eaten a barbecued Pig’s ear. I never expected it to be an ear of the pig, what intrigued me was that some part was hard to chew so I got curious and asked my cousin, to my surprise, it was a pig’s ear. We also ate balut in which I spared the chick from eating. It was my first time to chillax with my cousins, or pakaisa, in our illongo language.

We went home at around 12 am already and I fell asleep immediately. My body got tired perhaps. Imagine having a whole day’s work.

Now I am back here in Cebu. I wish I could have spent more time there but I still have classes to attend to. I might go back there by this September or October, longer by that time already.  Tomorrow will be my 17th birthday, so I am making the most out of my last day being a 16 year-old human being.


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