That weekend in Pagadian

Last weekend, I have enjoyed a swift stay in Pagadian. I went home there to surprise my family for my nephew’s first birthday celebration. They do not know I was arriving there yesterday because I told them I can’t go home due to conflict of schedules and some other “made-up” excuses.

I arrived there last Saturday, late in the morning already because the ship that I rode into was very slow. Imagine leaving in Cebu at 7 pm and arriving in Ozamiz too at 7 am. Unlike its competitor, which left at 8 pm arrived first than us. Nevertheless, I still thank God for letting me arrive safely in Pagadian.

Upon opening the door, the family was indeed surprised of my arrival. And then I told them the truth that I was just lying and fooling them. I changed clothes thereafter and helped them prepare for the evening’s party.

I cooked, I chopped, I mopped. I did almost all of the things I can do around there to be of help also.

The party started at around 5 pm and it went smooth. There were alot of kiddos and some family friends also. The usual, loot bags, pabitin and games were present. Everyone enjoyed the party.

As of this writing, I am already back in the queen city of the south and is having Wifi access somewhere in Cebu. And what made the flight sort of surprising was that I was with her mom, sister, grandma, and cousin. I know I was a bit nervous since this was the first time I was isolated in such condition. Our faces never met at the waiting area not until we were to deplane already. I was one of the last people to deplane which really made our paths cross. Her mom smiled which I least expected to happen and I too smiled back.

Now, I am looking forward for my Negros Occidental trip this coming weekend, I hope it shall be pushing through.


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