How unfortunate thing turns positive..

It is already the second week of classes and I am starting to enjoy every bit of my stay in this new school. In fact, just this morning, I started wearing my uniform already which surprised my first year block mates since all of them was still wearing a free style clothes. Their eyes were on my the very moment they saw me in my uniform.

Then that negative thing came in. I didn’t notice that my PE class will conflict with my IT class for 30 minutes. I double checked it initially and have thought that I might be wrong but I was not. So, I got very nervous since what my other friend who had just encountered the same as mine told me that she had to drop her subject just to give way for the other one. As for me, I cannot afford to drop a subject for I know that will make me more delayed than my batch mates.

I deeply breathed. I contemplated and have crossed my fingers that everything will turn well.

I still went to that PE class, late, and had explained to my teacher the real score. He told me I should approach the dean and I did.

Fortunately there was another PE 3 sched that wont conflict with any of my remaining subjects. After having processed everything, I will no longer drop nor withdraw a subject. 🙂

Like what they say, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂


What say you?

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